Welcome to the World of Cars!

MyRide! - Welcome to the World of Cars!

New Project is in Progress!

Recently bought a 1994 Acura Integra LS, White, bough a new LS motor, the old one is dead, the cylinder heads on all 4 cylinders is bigger then the pistons so when the pistons are running in the motor my 4th cylinder is rubbing the cylinder and sometimes it stuck and doesnt go anywhere. SO yeah i just bought a new motor super clean inside even tho it was sitting at this guises junk yard for few years without oil, i took off the head and guess what i saw there???? Brand new Pistons and Rods LOL and i bought the whole motor for $200 LOL great deal, and the head is so clean like no one drove it. Soon will upload pics of the car and the new motor.

Its time to ride

Update on my broken S4C tranny from my JDM B16A, i installed a new GSR DB8 tranny workes great like butter, but there is a small leak coming from a breather for the flywheel right under the car there is a little quadrant and thats where its coming from if u guys know anything about this please let me know. Thanks!


Hello there and Welcome to my site called “My Ride.”

My name is Andrew, and I made this site for all people that love and share the same interest that i have for cars. Here you can comment me or your friends, chat, and just have fun. If you wanna know something about any car info, just ask and you guys are all WELCOME to Register and simply have fun. If you guys want me to post something that you think is cool, just comment. Thank You all and Welcome!